Friday, December 21, 2012

Moose Tracks as Promised!

Jag lånade grannens hund Zacke på promenaden imorse. Han har sina olika stop på vägen, till exempel en sten och ett halvt träd. Jävlar vad han skäller och biter. Riktigt vild blir han!
Jag såg också en älg. Hon bara stod och glodde fast hunden skällde och vi kom närmre. Efter ett tag lunkade hon iväg med näsan i vädret helt oberörd.

English: I borrowed the neighbor's dog this morning when I went for my walk. He has his special stops along the way, like a big rock and half a tree. He barks like a madman when he sees them!
I also saw a moose. She just stood there staring even though the dog was barking and we were coming closer. After a while she trotted away like nothing happened.

There she is... acting all cool. "I'll put you in my stew!" I yelled as she casually trotted away.
(Do I use the word 'trot' too much?) 
I told you I would find some hoof prints! This one is from the moose. So it's definitely super fresh! :)
He either loves or hates this rock. No way to tell. 
The wild beast returns
Here is that tree he hates... or loves. Look at what a big chunk he has chewed off! 

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