Thursday, December 20, 2012

Every Excuse Before Getting Up

Att gå på promenad varje morgon klockan 9 är tråkigt först men skönt efter. Om det ligger ny snö får man ofta se spår av olika djur som har varit ute och traskat runt i smyg.

English: Walking every morning at 9 am is hard at first but nice afterwards. If you're lucky and the snow is fresh you often get to see tracks from different animals that have been trotting around when no one was looking.

At 9 am the sun isn't upp all the way yet
My beloved shoes from Goodwill! They can be seen from space. 

Mother swishes by in a blur. 
When I say animal tracks this is not what I meant. I probably should've included some pictures of actual foot prints... I'll look for some tomorrow. 

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