Sunday, December 16, 2012

Off to Church

Nej, jag har inte blivit religiös. De sjöng in julen i Boda Kyrka, riktigt mysigt! Kyrkan är jättefin och kvällen bjöd på körsång, Helga Natt i teckenspråk och musik av Boda Spelmanslag.  Tänk att jag uppskattar sånt här nu för tiden! 

English: No, I haven't become religious. They welcomed Christmas in Boda Kyrka (the local church), and it was really nice! The church is so beautiful and the choir sang songs, "O Holy Night" in sign language and music by Boda Spelmanslag. To think I've become one of those people who appreciates this sort of stuff... I had a great time! And I realize that you might know what the heck "Lucia" is so here is a link.

"I'm freezing my balls off!" 
Here they come! That's my neighbor! She's the owner of the German Shepherd we babysat dogsat a few weeks ago.
And here comes Lucia...
"Fa la la la la la la la laaaaa" 
Usually it's kids doing the Lucia stuff, but I think it's better when adults do it on their own conditions instead of forcing kids to do it in school. (ok, that's my mother talking, but I agree.)
And do you see that boot sticking out on the left? That's the sign language lady, I know her!
These ladies took turns crying and sleeping. 
There is that dress I want! 

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