Saturday, October 20, 2012

A delicious failure.

Idag fick jag en snilleblixt. Morotskaka med apelsin-cream cheese icing... Ganska o-orginellt va? Då kom min genialiska mor på att göra den som en rulltårta! Lysande! Briljant! Genialiskt!
Iaf... resultatet blev mycket lite kladdigare än jag hade väntat, men det var en succé ändå.

English: Today I had the best idea ever. Carrot cake with an orange-cream cheese icing... Pretty unoriginal huh? That's when my genius for a mother came up with the profoundly brilliant idea of making it like a Swiss-roll. Or... Swedish-roll if you will.
The final result was a lot little messier than I had expected, but it was a success anyway.

Recipe will follow in a few days

Grate the carrots
Mix the eggs and sugar until fluffy
Add carrots and oil
Mix in the dry ingredients and spices

Spread on a baking sheet
I skipped a step here as you can see. But all I did was flip the cake when it came out of the oven onto another baking sheet. Evenly spread the orange-cream cheese icing all over and CAREFULLY roll the cake into a log. I cannot stress how careful you have to be. It will crack and maybe fall apart as mine did, but for goodness sake be careful! 
Here is the very messy result. It looks like a massacre but it was delicious beyond comprehension. I didn't have any straight away but my family did. They had to eat it with a spoon on a plate. I ate it a bit later on after it had been in the fridge for a while and i could just hold it in a napkin as it had firmed up considerably

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