Monday, November 12, 2012


Den här bilden är tagen runt '95 i Aten, nära Akropolis som vi ser i bakgrunden. Vif första anblicken ser det ut som en helt normal bild. Men...

English: This was taken around '95 in Athens, obviously near Acropolis. At a glance, it seems like a normal picture. But... 
My brother (in grey t-shirt) and I (yellow shorts) take a picture with a tall man. 
Who is this? Why are we taking a picture with him? 
Why am I looking so afraid? Was I racist as a child?
This kid was about as tall as my brother, who was about 9 years old.
But why does he have a bush in his armpit? Is he a proportional dwarf?
I see four kids, but five pairs of legs. Who is the mysterious child?
Why am I wearing a fanny-pack? What, at age 6, did I posses that
was so important that I had to carry it around on my stomach?
And last but not least... What was this dork doing there?

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