Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meteor Crater Right Outside Our House!

Idag körde vi runt Siljansringen. Det är Europas största nedslagskrater som skapades för miljontals år sedan när en meteor slog ned. Man ser på kartan att det är en tydlig ring av sjöar. 
English: We drove around something called "Siljansringen" today. It's Europe's largest impact crater and was created millions of years ago when a meteor hit earth. On the map you can see that there's a circle of lakes.
(Don't mind the marker) We drove around the whole crater. SO pretty! We live by the east part of the circle. 

"Whatcho lookin at?" he says
Highland Cattle are so awesome. And look at the baby! 

I wonder how many animals are hiding amongst these trees! 
We drove past this odd looking house. 

We visited some friends along the way and they had this little dwarf parrot who was 15 years old!! He was so adorable and cuddly and I wished he was mine! ;)  

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