Saturday, December 1, 2012

Peppermint Coffee and an Advent Calendar!

Idag är det första december. Då får man dricka polkagriskaffe och öppna den första luckan i adventskalendern. Jag har gjort en egen av kuvert och glitter och snöre. Den ska ju inte ligga på fårskinnet hela månaden utan jag ska hänga upp den. Jag vet inte var än bara...

English: Today is the first of December. I drank peppermint coffee and opened the first little bag in the advent calendar. I made my own this year with envelopes and glitter and string. I'm obviously not going to keep it on the sheep skin all month. I'm going to hang it somewhere, I just don't know where yet. 

Peppermint Coffee: Make half a cup of strong, HOT coffee, pop a little candy cane in there (it'll melt) and pour over hot milk. Super delicious and cozy and christmassy and it'll remind your insides to prepare for a season of sugar. 

I had to make two rows, otherwise it would've been too long. 
It's pretty self explanatory how I made it. Cut the top off of every envelope and use a hole punch to make the holes. Draw on or use stickers for the numbers. Choose a sturdy piece of string or twine for a rustic look. Lace them all together. Fill each one with treats and notes. Mine has one little piece of candy and one little note with either a Christmas poem, a good deed to complete or a way to treat yourself like "tomorrow you get to sleep in". My family and I will take turns to open them each morning.  

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