Sunday, November 25, 2012

What the hell are these?

Ikväll läste jag en artikel om konstiga djur. Kolla in dom här konstiga, störande varelserna?! Vad fan. 

English: Tonight I was reading an article about weird animals. Look at these weird, disturbing creatures!? What the fudge.
Is it a rat? Is it a cockroach? ...Armadillo? No, it's a Pichiciego
Hey dude, are your freaken feet big enough?
This squirrel with toothpicks for legs is a Chevrotain
Actually it's not even close to being a squirrel, it's a kind of deer! 
And if that shit isn't weird enough, i'll have you know the males grow fangs. 
That's right, fangs, as in long, sharp teeth. What a freak show. 
Ok, I could live with the other two but this one is just too much. 
This antelope has a trunk. Does it think it's an elephant? 
...And I thought tapirs were weird. 
Seriously, these are called "Saiga antelopes" and I just watched a 
video of some in Mongolia and guess what? 
Their nose-trunk-star-wars-looking-thing dangles when they walk. 
That's just odd. 

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