Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Delicious Veggie Burger!

En enkel och snabb lunch är en veggieburger. Jag la på det vanliga (sans ketchup) och några tunna skivor rättika for jag hade lite över.

English: A simple and quick lunch is a veggie burger. I put on the usual stuff (sans ketchup) and a few thin slices of daikon radish which I had left over from making kimchi!

More specific ingredients:
-Veggie burger of your choice (I bought mine frozen but they're easy to make yourself)
-Whole wheat bun
-Red onion
-Daikon radish
-Spicy mustard 

Slice, chop and stack. You know how to make a burger! 

There is a vitamin C drink in the glass. Orange flavored. In case you were wondering. 

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