Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dutch green pea soup!

Här har min mor lagat holländsk grön ärtsoppa, erwtensoep. Det ser ju ut som spya från Exorcisten, men den är god och värmer på en kylig höstdag. Man ska egentligen ha någon slags korv i men vi satsade på en vegetarisk version med sojakorv istället och det funkade lika bra!

English: My mother made Dutch split pea soup, erwtensoep. It really looks like vomit from the Exorcist, but it tastes good and warms you up on a chilly autumn day. You're supposed to put some sort of Dutch sausage in it but we opted for soy-dogs instead which worked just as well!

Find the non-vegetarian recipe here. Just skip the pork and sausage bits, or substitute with soy-dogs.

Erwtensoep, anyone


  1. hahha i love the first picture. so warm and inviting.
    i cannot say the same for the second picture.
    love the blog tho...can we be blog friends?